Monday, June 30, 2014

Around The Web!

I haven't done a link collection in awhile, so to brighten up your Monday, I thought I'd share of few of the things that I'm loving from around the internet lately:

This video, You Are Awesome by Camilla Sparksss makes me want to write all of the things:

Camilla Sparksss — You Are Awesome from Barbara Lehnhoff on Vimeo.

Arts.Mic compiled a list of 14 Brilliant Pieces of Literature You Can Read in the Time it Takes to Eat Lunch and even included links to read the works for FREE!

I love DrunkHistory and this is hilarious:

Never Write From a Place of Despair by Erika Anderson over at Midnight Breakfast.

Because we need to talk about this: I have not read Matthew Vines book, God and The Gay Christain but I can't wait to get my hands on a copy.

You can read the video transcript here

What's Hard About Covering Up to Breastfeed? is an article I wish I had written myself.  Even if you are a male/don't breastfeed/breastfeed: everyone needs to read this.

Totes fangirling over this new Mockingjay Teaser Trailer:

What have you been loving on this world wide web of ours?  Share with me!

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  1. I always like your round-up posts! Thanks for sharing! :)


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