Friday, June 7, 2013

That's Nice, Honey...

I have yet to decide if  27 is "young" or "old."  I think it's mostly young, but possibly a bit old as well.; in the sense that a 21 year old looks so fresh, so baby-like in comparison to my permanently etched laugh-lines.

It's interesting to see the contrast of acne and crows feet laid upon the same canvas (of my face).  I would not have guessed that the two phases of growth would intermingle, that zits and wrinkles would take up simultaneous residency on my face.  I'm waiting for the grey hair, but it has not made an appearance (I think).  This probably has something to do with the correlation of grey hair and wisdom.  I've got much to learn.

But, in a small step towards growing up, I finally removed my nose ring.


  1. I can definitely relate to this! Except I do have a little grey hair...

  2. You are definitely still young! Wait til you get to be my age (49) and on the cusp of half a century. It's weird when you brain still feels like you're young but your body is beginning to tell you otherwise. Half my hair is now grey and with perimenopause comes hormones that bring on zits right along side of those creases in my face. Oh well...just accepting it as the process of life. Enjoy year 27!

  3. Dude, it's young. My gauge for "old" is when you throw your back out. Throwing your back out always seems like an old person thing.

    1. I'm hoping to go to the chiropractor next week :(

  4. Urgh, I'm totally with you on the zits and wrinkles stage! x


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