Thursday, August 15, 2013

4 TV Shows I Wish Weren't Cancelled

you're meaghan me crazy

I decided to link up with You're Meaghan Me Crazy for Random Thursday!

The topic this week is TV Shows you wish were never canceled and I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to mourn my favorites.

                                                                1- United States of Tara

I miss this show so much.  The ending was bitter sweet-- was see Tara driving off to impatient with her very beat up alters sitting in the back of the trunk.  BUT THEN WHAT HAPPENS?  I hope they have a 5 year special or SOMETHING.  I'm begging you, Showtime- Tell us what happened to Tara!


2- October Road

I fell in love with this shoe during it's first season-- the actors were relate-able-- second season was a bit of "meh" and I understand why it was canned-- but it deserved at least one more season to tie up loose ends!

3- Happy Endings

I was the only person I knew that watched this show.  I'm guessing that's why it was cancelled.  But, it was so good you guys.  No lies.  I laughed every episode!  That's rare!

4- Roswell

My high school self will never forgive the WB for this one.  Granted, the last season wasn't as sci-fi as the previous seasons, but it was still worth bringing back for one more round!  Dang you WB, dang you!

Now-- if Revenge, New Girl, General Hospital or Game of Thrones cease to return any time soon, I'd probably cry like a little baby, curl up in the fetal position and sit in the dark for a few weeks.  Just kidding.  Kind of.


  1. I was really shocked when Happy Endings was cancelled! I thought that was great!

  2. I watched Happy Endings too so you are not the only one. :) So sad it got cancelled!

  3. I loved Roswell! And don't even joke about Game of Thrones. Don't. Even. Joke.


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