Tuesday, August 6, 2013

CLEAN YO' HOUSE! But how?!

Why does Youtube always pick the *best* screen-caps?  Anyway- I need your help!  How do I keep my house clean with a little babymonster attached to my side?!  Any tips and tricks you can think of-- I'd love to hear!  I'm open to any and all advice people.

Also, I'm sorry I play with my hair so much.  I don't have dry scalp, I promise.


  1. I let the kid's room turn into a disaster if I can't get to it through the week then we clean on Friday. But for the common spaces in the house we only keep a minimal amount of toys. A bin of duplos and a little shelf of books for instance (I'll swap the duplos out for something else from time to time). That way if my toddler gets playing there aren't a MILLION toys everywhere. Toys do migrate from upstairs every day. For that I keep my handy MOPS bag in the living room where I put the "random toys" into and take those upstairs at bedtime to put in the toy box. This may sound excessive but I find it really really helps to keep the mess down if I do a quick clean up at nap time. I'll set a timer and pick up what I can in that time. It makes clean up easier at night. Also utilize your older child! I didn't realize this till recently how much help my 5 year old (now six) could be. And both kids help clean up before bed...trying to reinforce cleaning at an early age! For the rest of the housework I loosely follow a checklist I found online produced by Motivated Moms. It's a daily list with things on it I would never think of, like changing the furnace filter etc. When I have time I do the list I pick things I think haven't been done in a while. I still feel like it's a loosing battle and as the kids change new strategies have to be employed...but for the most part I'm ok with how our house looks. If someone is coming over it doesn't take long to clean up. Using the motivated mom's list has helped me develop a routine that I just follow (like clean bathrooms on Monday, vacuum tuesday...) I think cleaning is one of the hardest parts of our jobs! But I've heard from so many seasoned mothers that when it comes down to it they wish they would have played with their children more. So I try to remember that too! ;) Blessings as you try to find a routine that works for you and your family!!

  2. Let's talk when I get home. :)

  3. I don't have any advice, since i'm not a mom yet.. I have a hard enough time cleaning up after my giant man-child, some people call a husband.;) But, I just wanted to let you know that Abram is sooooo stinking adorable! GAH! I can't get enough!


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