Friday, November 15, 2013

NaNo Ate My Blog

It's hard to blog when you're writing time is limited.  And, I'm so far behind in NaNo that it's basically predictable embarrassing.  How are the rest of you NaNo participants doing? 

A few things- 
  • DirtyChai has been viewed almost 3000 times on ISSUU.  I have no idea how to track .pdf views, so that stat is unknown.  But, 3000 times on ISSUU?!  Um, I couldn't have hoped for that in my wildest dreams.
  • We'll be announcing our Winter 2014 theme on MONDAY and the submission manager will open December 1st.  The set publication date is VaLenTiNes DaY- oooOOooh!
  • My daughter turned 6 yesterday.  I feel extremely old.  She is having a birthday party with 6 of her classmates on Saturday at Chuck E. Cheese.  We're all pretty excited about it!
  • I started ALLEGIANT by Veronica Roth on Tuesday.  Big surprise, I'm not that into it.  Hopefully it gets better.
  • I submitted some poetry on Sunday night on a whim-- and I had some work accepted!  I'm not a poet but it's always exciting to be published in small presses.

Well, time to hit the NaNo before my kids realize I'm not playing with them.  (I give it 7-10 minutes).


  1. Good luck on the NaNo front. I'm just glad it seems not that many people are doing the NaNoBloPoMo this year. It's hard enough to keep up with people's blogs in April. But that's off topic.
    Congrats on Dirty Chai. That's great.

  2. Dirty Chai looked great! I was one of the 3000 :) Congrats!

  3. My NaNo progress is embarrassing as well, but that's okay, right?!

    LOVED Dirty Chai--it was a great first issue, and I look forward to the next!

    Congrats on getting your poetry accepted! Will you please let us know where to look for it?

    Have a good weekend!


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