Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The FLU is All Up in My House + BE MY NANO BUDDY!

Holy cow, you guys.  It's Tuesday already?!  It still feels like Saturday to me.

My son has had the stomach flu since 4am on Sunday, and now my daughter has it as well.  I think I've been vomited on at least 10 times since Sunday.  I've somehow managed to not get sick myself, but I smell terrible and my house is a disaster.  My son wants to constantly be held-- and showers have become basically impossible.  Don't even get me started on dishes.

I'm just praying that my husband doesn't get sick.  That will just the cherry to top this -vomit-filled-week-sunday. Also, that they both feel better by Halloween!  Because to miss Halloween when you're a kid is just WRONG.  (And not fair to Mom, who would like to grub on all the free candy.)

On a more positive note, Friday is the first day of NaNoWriMo and I'm getting pretty excited for it!  I have never been a NaNo winner, so that's embarrassing.  But, it will make it that much cooler if I am this year!

 I have no writing buddies as of yet- so if you're participating: ADD ME!  My user name is aziadupont -- super creative, right? ( I hate picking user names, what can I say?)  I'll need all the encouragement I can get.  I haven't been able to find the writing+Mom life balance that so many other author's have seemed to master.  I NEED YOUR SUPPORT!

Also happening in November: my beautiful first born turns 6!  I can't believe it!  Also,  DirtyChai's first issue will be available to the masses!  And- it's Thanksgiving!  I love to cook so I'm excited!  Hopefully November will start with a bang (and be flu-less!).  Here's to positive thoughts!


  1. I just decided to do it again. I must be crazy. Just added you as a buddy. I'm Vive_le_Nerd.

  2. Oh man, I hope your family is feeling better! Stomach bugs are never any fun.

    I'm going to do NaNo again as well--I've only won once, but I keep coming back every year! (Isn't that the definition of insanity? Never mind...) Off to add you to my buddy list! :)

  3. A couple of mine have been sick, too, but not THAT sick. Poor you!

    From one mom to another...baby wipes work well in a pinch as a bath substitute. Had to resort to that a few times when my twins were little. :P

    Good luck with NaNo! :D

  4. I'm gonna NaNoWriMo, too, even though it's a REALLY dumb idea (I have no outline and no character development yet. WHEEEEE!) I'm Liz Blocker over there, too :) I'll add you!!


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