Thursday, May 1, 2014


I wish I could say I was lying, heck, even over exaggerating.  But, I just can't let it go-- Disney's FROZEN is *RUINING MY LIFE*.

I'm as surprised as you are.  When my oldest daughter, Eva, and I went to the theater together for a little date and saw this movie I loved it.  The music.  The fact that my daughter saw that women are fully capable of saving themselves (and not in need of a Knight-in-Shining-Armor-Archetype).  Olaf. The trolls.  I loved it all. Truth be told, I cried, straight up TEARS WERE SHED during the opening scenes after Elsa had to hide her secret from her sister.  It was sad.

I told everyone I knew to see the movie.  And, to see it ASAP.

When it came out on DVD, we went and bought it first thing in the morning. We watched it that afternoon.  We planned a junk food dinner (more on that another time) and watched it in the living room together as a family that night.  Frozen was a BIG DEAL in the DuPont household.  (Like so many households today.)

But, then my not-quite-two year old son fell in love with Elsa.

And it's been down hill since then.

"Let it go, Mommy!  Let it go!"  We listen to Frozen in the car, at home, it's freaking constant streaming.  If we aren't listening to the movie or the soundtrack, it is being sung or whined about by my son.

(Mind you, my 6 year old daughter is basically indifferent.  Loves the movie.  But, she's more of a Let's-Watch-Goosebumps-on-Netflix/It's-So-Cool-In-Willy-Wonka-When-Violet-Blows-Up-Kind-of-Gal" so Princess movies aren't totally her thing.)

But my son, my son is OBSESSED.  This is his first obsession and I'm not sure how to handle it.  He sings "Let it Go" in the bathtub, while playing with trucks, petting/attacking the cats.  He loves it.

But if I have to hear that song ONE MORE TIME my head may explode.  Or implode.  Or melt.

I've hidden the DVD.  I'm close, so so SO VERY close to "losing" the soundtrack.

I put in Rio this afternoon and my son was upset, asking "Where are the princesses?"


The only song that doesn't bother me is Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People - it's like 45 seconds long and just ridiculous:

And, if I had to choose a favorite character, it's probably Kristoff because he's so weird.  But, ahh.  I just can't do it anymore.  I can't pretend to like this movie.  I NEED A BREAK FROM FROZEN.  So, that maybe, just maybe, in 25 years, I can actually enjoy it again.

I've composed a list of things I'd rather do than listen to/watch Frozen:
-Pluck out the hair on my legs one at a time
-Stick my tongue to a frozen pole
-Eat earthworms every day for every meal for an entire week
-Get a haircut like Miley Cyrus

Am I the only person being driven crazy by this movie?  PLEASE, THERE HAS TO BE SOMEONE THAT UNDERSTANDS!

Conspiracy Theory Alert: I'm interested in know what Disney has subliminally integrated into this film to make children obsess this hard.  Something weird has got to be happening.  A reward in the form of a pan of No Pudge! Brownies is being offered to anyone with valuable information.


  1. I feel your pain, having gone through a dual dose of Disney with my two children (now 13 & 21). Fortunately, they have outgrown the Disney genre. Just hang in there, yours will outgrow it eventually.

    Father Nature's Corner

  2. Hahaa!!! This cracks me up.. It is a cute movie, but I can't imagine having it all on repeat! They actually play Let it go at my work a LOT and I can't stand it!!!!! LET IT GO!!!!!!!! That's cute about Abram though..
    But no, if it wasn't this movie, it'd be whatever their next one is.. I'm pretty sure I was like this with The Little Mermaid.. and I vividly remember Ian playing Toy Story over-and over-and over again.. until one day, he didn't. Haha! Kids are funny that way.

  3. Oh my. I feel bad laughing at your pain, but you describe it so well. I haven't seen the movie yet (can you tell I don't have kids?), but I may need to break down and rent it to see what all the fuss is about. :)

  4. I haven't seen it yet. Just by going on YouTube, EVERYONE is demanding "please do a cover of Let It Go" to pretty much any musical YouTuber I watch. That alone is making me crazy. I feel like I should wait for the craze to be over before I watch it

  5. "Let it Go" is played in almost every restaurant I've been in since that damn movie came out. The worst part is that every time I hear it, it brings back the rage I felt while watching that movie. My blood pressure is through the roof!


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