Monday, June 9, 2014

Taking A Look Around

A few things I'm loving on the internet right now:
  • This stupid Frozen/GoT meme:

Get it!?!  The Moon Door... (Apparently I'm easily entertained.)
  • My brother in law, Jeff, has started making videos of his adventures: check out Part 1 of "Destination, Imagination" here:

You can follow him here: blog / youtube / facebook / twitter

  • This song, "I Blame Myself" by Sky Ferreira (her androgynous/Joan Jett look is just killin' it and the song is so damn catchy):

  • I love Chobani - they have supported my blogging endeavors in the past with free products for myself and my readers, and they continually support bloggers in this way.  But, I'm really sad to see that they are using milk from cows who have been fed GMO grains.  You can't claim to be "all-natural" but support the GMO industry- if you agree- you can sign a petition here asking Chobani to use better milk in their products.
  • This sermon from my church where they answered questions submitted from the congregation on faith and being a Christian- (it's fabulous and full of authenticity... which I just love.)
I could have made a much bigger list, but I didn't want to lose your attention!  What things on the internet are you loving?  Send me the link!  Tweet to me!

Hope you all have an awesome Monday/ week!


  1. That is a really good song - never heard it before. Thanks for sharing the info about Chobani. Will def sign the petition!

    1. I'm glad you like the song! And thanks for signing the petition.

  2. Chobani gives bloggers free product!?! Let's not be so hasty with this petition. Chobani, if you're reading, I understand people's perspective that GMO milk is gross, but I also understand that it may be more economically viable. Azia here may be against your practices, but just know, you have a friend out there if you need someone who won't judge you (if you give me free yogurt, preferably Greek with some of that delicious fruit at the bottom that's low fat, I prefer the berry family of fruits). If you can, stop using that tainted teet drippings, but if you can't, I am a corporate whore who can be bought off for very very cheap.

  3. I just spit coffee all over myself. THANKS A LOT.


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