Tuesday, July 22, 2014


I have this fantasy and it is the same every time.

Somehow, all of the people in the world are all in the Middle East, or maybe we are in Africa somewhere, or South America (most recently we were all in Gaza).

Sadly, there is usually a lot of blood and smoke.

All of the women stand together in a line with their children, holding hands and they say THIS NEEDS TO END.  THIS VIOLENCE NEEDS TO END.

And slowly, the men come together and join the women.

Everyone nods in acknowledgement, they smile, they shake hands, they join hands.

And all of the fighting stops.

But, this will never happen.  1) because (obviously) getting all of the worlds population in one place is basically impossible and 2) even more impossible is getting everyone on board with choice:

Choice to follow God in the way they choose.
Choice to marry whomever they want.
Choice to dress how they see fit.
Choice on whether or not to have a child.
Choice on who should lead the government.


We don't want to let people choose, we want to tell them what they should choose- and when they don't choose what we want, we destroy them (both figuratively and literally.)

I know the many reasons for war are much more complicated than what the above touches on (for instance: POWER MONEY MONEY POWER)- but is it?

            What is all of this fighting for?

When will enough be enough?
I just don't understand.

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  1. I think you would like the song (and movement) Reba McEntire started called "Pray For Peace".


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