Monday, August 25, 2014

Around the Web : Some of my favs from last week!

Time for another round-up, wouldn't you say?  Here it goes:

-This first sermon, for the series "Big Iowa/Little Iowa" at my church really spoke to me: You have got to listen to this.

-Yeah, so, this quote from Zooey Deschanel (which I've totally pinned via Pinterest because it's awesome):
She NEVER SAID it.  It's actually from an essay written by Amelia Olson.  Read about the entire debacle on (Zooey D. founded)

-Podcast with my friend, Sarah Certa: A Universe In Every Heart

-Wanting to publish some poetry or short stories in a small press?  There are some awesome publications open for submissions that are listed in NewPages classifieds right now.

-I Don't Own My Child's Body by Katia Hetter on "When we force children to submit to unwanted affection in order not to offend a relative or hurt a friend's feelings, we teach them that their bodies do not really belong to them because they have to push aside their own feelings about what feels right to them," said Irene van der Zande, co-founder and executive director of Kidpower Teenpower Fullpower International, a nonprofit specializing in teaching personal safety and violence prevention. "This leads to children getting sexually abused, teen girls submitting to sexual behavior so 'he'll like me' and kids enduring bullying because everyone is 'having fun.' "

-Laci Green nails it with the Slut Shaming (You can read how I feel about the word "slut" here and here)

-"I tried to forgive myself for not writing every day, but now that the work of my first memoir is complete, I realize that taking long breaks, pacing my work, and allowing for retreat is nothing that needs forgiveness: My brain was protecting itself as it turned traumatic memory into crafted prose. An unflagging commitment to output might have gutted me. Now, with patience, I write when I feel that the work has begun to make itself inside of me.” -Elissa Washuta from "Writers Reccomend on Poets & Writers 

-An  acquaintance recorded this John Lennon cover:

-Can You Tell A Mom Has Postpartum Depression Just By Looking At Her? Short list, but insightful.

-This Letter from James Foley, written in captivity and memorized by another prisoner is incredible

-How NOT to Get Scandalized on Amazon- up on Melissa Maygrove's Blog- AWESOME, informative read.


I could share a lot more, but I think that's a good list for you to read through this week!  Happy Monday, everyone!


  1. So...So much to listen to--I mean, to which I ought listen--So much to click...So much to consider. Oh god, I'm overwh--I'm overwhelmed by how to spell "overwhelmed" yet I press forward...So many misdirects...I'll just sit over here in the corner biting my nails, hoping no one sees me as I try desperately not to think about my "to-do" list and adding all of these links to such a list.


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