Friday, September 6, 2013

Change- You Sweet Lil' Thing, You!

How in the world is it Friday already?  I am continually blown away by how fast weeks seem to go by.  Yet, I can say that while in one aspect, the time flies, in another, it's as if the clock is at a standstill.

It looks as if the season of change is upon the DuPont household.

We're *still* waiting on huge news : We're moving.  WE JUST DON'T KNOW WHEN and it's quite nerve-wracking!  By Tuesday, at the latest, the when/why/how will finally be revealed.  PRAY FOR OUR PEACE OF MIND this weekend!  Garrett and I have both been so preoccupied mentally with all of this business.  (It will be so nice to finally come out and SAY what's been going on!  Next week I can stop being so cryptic!)

My daughter has officially survived (and thoroughly enjoyed) her first week of Kindergarten.  She even insists on riding the school bus to and from school each day, which means she's gone for 8 hours!  I shouldn't be surprised that she's a strong, independent girl considering she's my child-- but, the Mom-part of me/who I am, misses my baby girl... and I know the independent side will become more and more apparent with each passing year.  I find myself watching old videos and looking at pictures of my first born, wondering where did the time go?

What happened to my baby!?  She's all grown up!

I had one of my random I NEED TO CHANGE HOW I LOOK moments and cut thick fringe bangs..

 -_- YIKES!  I'm getting used to it- but I did not consider how drastically my look would be altered before I took the scissors to my hair.  But.....  it IS just hair.  And, 90% of the time, the only people I see are Garrett and the kids-- who all could care less what I look like!

In the last year, my heart and mind have gone through many changes.  Now I've got a new-do,  a daughter in Kindergarten, a son who is walking, a husband with a new job, living in a new state, an ePub about to launch, and a novel just about ready for querying.  Azia DuPont (bangs and all) is ready for whatever is in store in this ever-changing life we lead!


  1. I like the bangs--I think you look great!

    Glad your daughter is enjoying school. Hope you get news on the moving front soon, but in the meantime, have a good weekend! :)

  2. Happy for you sister! Through the good, bad & the ugly! You are beautiful.. with and without bangs, but I do like the bangs :)! Excited for your new adventures. God is faithful!


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