Sunday, March 9, 2014

I graduated High School 10 years ago?!

On Friday I received information about my 10 year class reunion (High School, groovy baby, yeah!).  Anyway, I've never been swayed either way on whether or not I would attend.  I didn't particularly hate high school.  In fact, looking back, it was pretty fun.  I had a lot of friends, can't really recall any huge drama or issue that I had with anyone.  I mean, I'm sure I wasn't everyone's cup of tea, naturally, but I think for the most part I was liked and got along with everyone?  I also smoked a lot of pot back then, so it's a bit fuzzy HA.  In all seriousness though, as much as I complained about "hating" high school while I was in high school (that whole, "I can't wait to escape this place!" mentality-- it really had waaaaay less to do with my actual high school and way more to do with my home situation) - I look fondly on my memories and the people I knew back then.

That being said, I graduated with a little over 600 people, and minus the summer after my freshman year of college, I have maybe been back "home" 10 times in the last 10 years.  Add to that, that my group of girlfriends (is the proper verbiage clique?  I feel like that negates a negatives undertone, so maybe not) have all stayed in the area of our high school or moved back after college and have remained pretty dang close.  And, well, I just kind of float in and out from time to time.  I'm not sure why though, because a lot of those girls have known me for a long time, and we still love each other.  I'm just, on a different path?  I'm always on a different path I guess.  Ha.

Anyway, seeing people would be fun and not problematic in anyway-- but I haven't seen most of these 600 people in 10 years... and being in one place for 5 hours where I may be forced into small talk sounds pretty terrible.  AND I AM AWFUL WITH NAMES.  How in the hell am I supposed to remember 600 peoples names?  I, unfortunately, do not have my high school yearbook (another blog post for another day) so I can' really "review" my yearbook either.

Holy anxiety.  (The Zoloft will be strong in this one. HAHA)

Not to mention I have a very, very shallow reason for not wanting to commit to attending to the reunion: the reunion is a month after my due date!

Unless this baby comes early, I will be 4 weeks post partum

Thinking of attending my reunion with a flabby, post partum body (and giant breast-feeding boobies - haha I said boobies) sounds terrible.  I don't want to look like a hot mess.  I guess, when you picture your high school reunion- you hope to put your best foot (or in my case- BOD) forward.  And, that's another thing- the girls in my group of friends in high school were freaking hotties.  One will be pregnant, but she'll look great because she's a petite little thing and will have that whole pregnancy glow thang going on.  The rest: hot HOT bombshells.

In reality, the reunion is from like 5:30pm-9pm at a bar in Minneapolis.  Realistically, I could probably dress myself for the 3.5 hours and look okay.  SPANX OH YEAH.  Maybe I'm making excuses?  I didn't care what I looked like in high school (I rarely wore make up, came to school with wet hair, wore giant hemp necklaces and bracelets) so I don't know why I care now.

Stupid, stupid.

Have any of you attended your class reunions?  What was it like?  Is skipping it a mistake?  Or is it really no big deal?


  1. The baby is a pretty good excuse to ditch out. It's actually quite surprising you received an invitation, mine was all Facebook and I'm not on Facebook, so I missed it. But I did go to my spouse's reunion and it was excruciatingly boring. Granted, I didn't have that four year window of history with everyone, but no one there seemed to be having fun. From an outsider's perspective, watching conversations, it was all awkward small talk mixed with whatever issues were crystalized from their youth. Unless you're looking to hook up, there's very little reason to go to a reunion. Maybe just organize a house party with the people you really want to see.

  2. Obviously, you know what I think! I totally want you to come! Partially because I haven't seen you since Abram was born, and partially because I want you as a side kick (like the old days!).. But also, I figure, why not? It's ONE NIGHT in TEN YEARS... I bet you'd have more fun than you think, and we can leave early if it's awful... haha.. promise!!! Plus, we'd get to have a sleepover that's about 5+ years overdue. We did have fun in high school, and I'm sure there's some people that it'd be nice to see! And the social anxiety thing.. honestly, I think everyone feels that way. And your BODY!?!? Trust me, you are not the only person who has had body changes over the last ten years. I PROMISE you that!!! Plus, I'll be knocked up and probably have gained some weight myself since I can't seem to stay away from sweets. haha! COME! I miss you! I want to see you!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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